Resources and Literature

Resources to make using Promethean products simple!

Video tutorials, quickstart guides, and other useful tools.


To download all versions of ActivInspire software (Windows, Linux, Mac)

… and for the newest driver updates, visit Promethean Planet here.


  Free Promethean Software for 500 series boards

Touchpad.exe (take unending notes)

Noteboard.exe (connect thoughts together, can work with ActivExpressions)

  Videos as resources: step-by-step video tutorials here.

Other videos:

ActivTable     Setting up ActivExpressions     Setting up your ActivBoard

  Guides and Tips – Choose a Topic

ActivTips from Promethean – Learn specific functions of ActivInspire

Other Guides:

General Promethean Troubleshooting       ActivExpressions v2         ActivEngage           Getting Started with ActivInspire              ActivInspire Resources                                       How to Have a Happy ActivBoard              Top Teaching Tips                                           Upgrading ActivHub firmware